Demonstration Popups Generator

Popups Generator plugin serves for creation, optimal setting and easy pop-up information blocks management on the site. User-friendly interface makes it easy to understand the settings and the functional tool details.

A few examples of pop-ups

  • Show On Click With #Anchor
    • Some themes and plugins don’t let you insert your own id for the links. No worries, just insert an anchor link then. (Click with #anchor)
  • Show On Click With Id
    • Just add an id of popup-id-X to your link (Click with id)
  • Show On Scroll
    • Setup a popup to appear on page scroll (Scroll to the end)
  • Infobar top
    • Open infobar top 
  • Social widget box
    • Open Facebook box 

Among its advantages should be noted:

  • user-friendly control panel interface;
  • large variety of styles and display settings;
  • the use of animation effects;
  • detailed popups display settings;
  • the possibility of using different media;
  • HTML-enhanced editor;
  • creation of unlimited number of pop-ups;
  • preview of the information blocks in the editing process.

The plugin is a “flexible” modern solution for effective work with popups.