Documentation for Forms Generator


Create any fields for the form and specify their width.

You can create a next fields:

  • Input with validation
    • Name
    • Email
    • Number
    • Text
  • Select
  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Textarea

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External form design changes with the help of an expanded set of parameters in the Style block. In the section its’ sizes, font’s features, internal and external indentions are set, the button setting of data submission and primary colors are configured. Basic properties are set with the help of such functions:

  • Form style – allows changing elements display style of a subscription block. Accepts Colom descriptions (grouping by a column) and Inline (line);
  • Form align – serves for center-justified alignment, left or the right justified alignment of a parent object (post, page, modal window, etc.);
  • Form width – sets the overall width of a subscription form (in px or %);
  • Font size – is used for specifying the font size in fields;
  • Placeholder & text alignment – alignment property of the hint and input text. It accepts left, center and right values.

Style border changes by specifying the properties:

  • Form border – adds a frame around the subscription block and determines its width;
  • Form border radius – allows changing degree of rounding the main frame corners;
  • Form’s field border – sets framing element width around the fields;
  • Form’s field border radius – serves for a frame rounding off at the form fields.

Subscription block indentations are regulated by values:

  • Margin top & bottom – designates a form arrangement according to the high and low borders of a container;
  • Margin left & right – form margins from the left and right edges of a parent object;
  • Padding top & bottom – placing of the content of the subscription block according to its upper and lower bound;
  • Padding left & right – serves for specifying paddings in a form from its left and right content’s side.

The wide list of parameters is set for the posting button modification:

  • Input height – determines height of a form element;
  • Button’s width – serves for the indication of width. It is set in pixels (px) or percents. When selecting the auto parameter it accepts width corresponding to the button’s text contents;
  • Button position – sets the element position within a parent container. It accepts left, center and right values;
  • Button’s text – the field for the text message input is displayed on the button;
  • Button text size – allows editing the font size specified on the element of the text.

Form display background setup and its color scheme are set through:

  • Background image – background image installation in the subscription block through the pathway to him;
  • Form background color – the parameter for the general color scheme indication of a form;
  • Form border color – defines the main frame color;
  • Text color – sets color display entered into data fields;
  • Placeholder text color – property for the text-hint color indication;
  • Form’s field border color – indicates the tone option of the framing devices for the form fields;
  • Form’s field background color – indicates the general background fill for fields with the value entries;
  • Button text color – the selection parameter for the text color contents of the button;
  • Button background color – allows a background option for an upload submission element;
  • Button background hover color – is used for the color display change of the button at a mouseover.

Through the Style menu section detailed setup of a subscription form appearance is performed. Thanks to a wide choice of properties the block can be easily changed by the owner of the website depending on concrete requirements or preferences.

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Mobile style

The menu section is intended for display installation of the subscription form on mobile devices. With its help it is possible to setup:

  • the block output on screens less specified in the resolution field;
  • width value of the form (in px or %).

This value list will allow choosing an optimal variant of the subscription form display on the website for pads, smartphones and other mobile devices owners.

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The section is intended for connection of the subscription block to a certain posting service. Selecting check box in Integration allows the form to send and receive data from resource. Service integrates with:

  • MailChimp;
  • GetResponse.

In absence of account on any of services it is enough to follow the link “Register now” located below the selection field. It will open a new tab with the homepage of the specified resource.

Each of instruments of electronic posting possesses the set of benefits and opportunities. They provide a broad set of settings for creating templates for messages, carrying out analytics etc. Specific decision making depends on the maximum quantity of the subscribers’ addresses, usability and individual preferences.

In the Integration menu block it is necessary to specify data:

  • API – the field for input of the API-key generated through one of the e-mail marketing service functions. It serves for the subscription form fixup to external resource;
  • List ID – the MailChimp service parameter for the indication of a post heading. It allows receiving detailed statistics on each mail;
  • TOKEN – the GetResponse service parameter represents an alphanumeric set for integration with the subscription form at the website (access key).

Effective post campaign setup will allow increasing customer service quality. With its help it is possible to increase the speed of informing regular website customers of any changes or up-to-date proposals.

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Email settings

The Email settings menu allows sending the contact information entered by the user to the site administrator’s e-mail, to add it to the public database and to display the message about the subscription status. Parameters of sending the copy of data will include fields:

  • Send to – is designed for email address input of the administrator or the owner of the website;
  • Mail subject – is used for designation of a subject of the message.

When entering incorrect data in the form fields, the visitor of the web resource is notified of a mistake. For its setup there are:

  • Error text – is applied to installation of the text message about incorrect filling format of the field;
  • Error text size – allows changing the font size of the displayed information block;
  • Error text color – sets the text color about the mistake (and for the fields’ frames if available).

At a successful subscription the user will see the message specified via the Confirmation text block. For the setup of its display the editor with advanced settings is used. It allows not only to change parameters of the text message with HTML-code, but also to add media files.

Time of display of the pop-up confirmation text can be limited. In the field for the message automatic closing the demonstration value in seconds is set.

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Email to user

The menu option Email to user is used for setting parameters for sending the message to the user after his successful posting subscription. Tag installation in the relevant field grants permission for using this plugin function. Additional data for posting is set through:

  • Email from – the field for the e-mail address input from which posting is performed;
  • Mail subject – specifies the subject of the message for the user;
  • Text from – allows to specify the sender (the name of the website, the company, etc.).

The text of the message is entered through the editor with advanced settings in the “Email to user” block. With its help it is possible to change easily information display sent to the user. Modern HTML-code capabilities are applied for advanced customization. Media files addition makes posting interesting and draws attention of users.

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Preview and Publish

Responsive preview block (Preview) allows seeing a display format of the form on the website in advance. It speeds up the editing process and subscription block setup under specific objectives.

In the Publish block it is possible to set a form output after each post on the website. Here is the shortcode which can be used for placing the subscription block in any place of a web resource. Basic functions:

  • Update – saves result of all changes which are carried out with the subscription block;
  • Delete – serves for deleting the form from the list.

In Forms Generator there is a customizable widget with the help of which it is possible to remove the subscription block on a sidebar. The plugin is perfectly compatible with the tool for the pop-up blocks display on the website Popups Generator. Together they allow outputting the subscription form through the modal window, using its shortcode.

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