WordPress plugin “Popups Generator”

Functional plugin “Popups Generator” for CMS WordPress is designed to ease the process of creating and configuring popups on a web site. He helps to manage pop-up information blocks flexible. It’s comfortable to change the content and settings of plugin display. A characteristic feature of this solution is the simplicity and efficiency of use.

The advantages of plugin

Popups Generator is a powerful tool designed under the demands of various sites owners. It is used for comfortable informing web resource visitors of current promotions and advertising campaigns, important news and much more.

Among its advantages should be noted:

  • user-friendly control panel interface;
  • large variety of styles and display settings;
  • the use of animation effects;
  • detailed popups display settings;
  • the possibility of using different media;
  • HTML-enhanced editor;
  • creation of unlimited number of pop-ups;
  • preview of the information blocks in the editing process.

The plugin is a “flexible” modern solution for effective work with popups.

Peculiarities of  dealing with Popups Generator

A distinctive feature of Popups Generator is the possibility of fine-tuning pop-up information blocks. It allows you to adjust to the activity of individual network users, using cookies. To edit popups an administrator is provided by a big set of solutions.

Main features:

  • Powerful editor: insert any content via the built-in editor. You can use a shortcode of any plugin
  • Powerful styling: create any kind of popup
  • Powerful placing: in addition to shortcodes, place the popup to the whole website, only posts, only pages, only certain pages or only certain posts, all posts except specified ones or all pages except specified ones
  • Not only popups, but also flyouts!
  • Show on click with id
  • Show on click with #anchor
  • Show on scroll
  • Show on exit intent
  • Show after page loadinge
  • Show via fixed buttons
  • Control the timing show popup
  • Control with cookies
  • Set up the close button
  • Close on overlay and esc button
  • Image backgrounds
  • Mobile optimized
  • Easily duplicate modal windows
  • Animated display
  • Show for users:  for all visitors, for authorized or unauthorized site users
  • Depending on the language
  • Show after popup:  function helps to set pop-up blocks display options one after another, if cookies are used
  • Live preview

Popups Generator plugin serves for creation, optimal setting and easy pop-up information blocks management on the site. User-friendly interface makes it easy to understand the settings and the functional tool details.